Bending reality in Basalt |

Bending reality in Basalt

Steve Chase in his letter to the editor expressed outrage that the council is now looking at the ways it can finance the Pan and Fork River Park with some limited commercial development without raising taxes (“Bad choices by Basalt council,” April 6, The Aspen Times). What a nightmare to think that the council might now finally represent the public instead of the special interests of a development group wanting millions in public assets already invested diverted to fund some private condos. A shocking thought for Basalt!

The bond election was stolen, and the overwhelming overriding false argument employed in the theft was that a big new definite tax increase to all property payers would result if the town passed bond Question 2F. Chase now argues the bond election lost for other reasons. Ever watched a street performer try to bend reality?

Today is a new day and council now appears to want to allow the truth and public to be respected without obstruction. Give them your support. Support justice for the public.

Mark Kwiecienski