Bach ‘n’ roll at Aspen Music Fest |

Bach ‘n’ roll at Aspen Music Fest

One of the most treasured experiences of Aspen in the summer is the Aspen Music Festival. Sometimes we treat ourselves and buy tickets and sit inside to soak up every nuance of the performances. Sometimes we treat ourselves to sitting out on the lawn around the tent to admire the gorgeous scenery, soak in the lovely air and enjoy a picnic while listening to exhilarating or beautifully peaceful music — until this year.

When did the music tent lawn and gardens turn into a children’s playground, and the circular walkway around the tent turn into a community meet-and-greet during the performances? I know, I know, we’re sitting out there for free, so why do we have the right to complain? Well, maybe because the high quality, artful music being performed deserves the respect?

I welcome the children to come listen and learn to enjoy the artistry of classical music. And I welcome folks to come and quietly enjoy each other’s company and the beauty of the setting, until intermission. At intermission, go for it! Kids — run, yell, play ball and play in the run-off stream! Adults — get caught up with each other, laugh and make phone calls! Come early, stay late and do the same. But when the main attraction starts its first and second acts, please be polite and give the musicians and the others who came to listen the respect deserved. This will be appreciated by so many.

Ricki Newman