Axelson knows Colorado Mountain College |

Axelson knows Colorado Mountain College

I am voting for Mary Nelle Axelson for Colorado Mountain College Board of Trustee.

It’s an easy decision for me! Mary knows the college! She was a full-time professor at CMC. She has over 30 years of college teaching experience in writing, reading and history. Mary knows the students. She knows the strengths, weaknesses, concerns, challenges and the rich diversity each student brings to the classroom. She has inspired students to have a love for learning and to be the very best in class, home and community. Many of her students have gone on to be teachers, nurses, photographers and veterinarian technologists. Her classes have been life-changing. I consider her to be a master teacher!

Mary knows the college! She has been the college-wide faculty senate president. She has served on budget committees for the Roaring Fork Campus and the college. She has been the lead faculty in guiding faculty through the promotion process. Mary has mentored, given advice and guidance in the classroom and been a cheerleader for the success of new faculty. She has served on numerous staff and faculty search committees helping the college to bring excellence to key positions. I consider her to be a leader!

Mary knows what it means to serve as our trustee. She will listen, make sound evidence based decisions in regards to student learning, fiscal responsibility and college policy.

Vote for Mary Axelson! She knows our college! She cares for our college! Vote!

Nancy Genova

Retired executive vice president, CMC; VP/CEO, Rifle campus; VP/Dean, Roaring Fork campus