Axelson is the choice for CMC

Mary Axelson has dedicated her career to student success, teaching, learning and mentoring. Mary understands and has always demonstrated the need for accountability. Her passion was knowing that her students succeeded, and that Colorado Mountain College was the best it could be in the classroom, in the community and in the eyes of the public the college served. Mary was a faculty leader at Colorado Mountain College and she had the courage to speak up for the students and faculty when sometimes administrators veered off the path in making a decision that might not have been in the best interest of our students. She is respected for speaking the truth and being dedicated to the success of students who weren’t always at the top of their class. Mary’s enthusiasm for CMC has never waned. Her passions were history, developmental studies and English. She built strong relationships throughout the college.

How wonderful it would be to actually have an educator on the Board of Trustees for Colorado Mountain College. Not all decisions in education are made with student success and fiscal responsibility as the focus. Mary would bring these gifts to the board. Yes, Mary loves education, teaching and learning, but in addition, she actually has real-life experience and a deep understanding of all that encompasses. Often education gets lost in trying to emulate a business model or pleasing political allies or enhancing one’s resume. Mary’s focus has always remained on the individual student. CMC is a strong and well respected college with exceptional faculty and staff. Mary is an educator that understands the college and is always working to see that it succeeds and continually improves.

Colorado Mountain College would be fortunate to have a former full-time faculty member that treasures her experiences to represent the college and its communities.

Ann Harris