Attacks on Ascendigo are unfair and untrue |

Attacks on Ascendigo are unfair and untrue

My 14-year-old daughter is on the autistic spectrum and is a frequent participant in various Ascendigo programs, including the summer camp and other therapeutic and educational programs. I am on the board of Ascendigo.

I personally do not have any reason to believe the people of Missouri Heights have anything against autistic children. The message of the “Keep Missouri Heights Rural” has been loud and clear: You do not want Ascendigo to build our home in your community.

You certainly have that right. The sad and awful part of this entire episode is how you have behaved as a community. The anger, the hostility, and the distortion of facts that you have resorted to to keep Ascendigo out is reprehensible.

Collectively, you have falsely accused Ascendigo of lying and misrepresenting facts. A teacher at Aspen High School, who owns a home in Missouri Heights, told me he heard the Koch brothers were secretly backing Ascendigo. One “lovely” gentleman wrote a letter to the editors calling us Putin, rumors have been spread that we have closed horse trails, will be building the equivalent of a Super Wal-Mart, and will be taking water from others. Your constant claims that Ascendigo is attempting do something illegal does not make it so.

The truth is that Ascendigo is a small organization. We are not liars or any of the other awful thing that has been said. The truth is that we are only interested in creating a home base to serve autistic kids and young adults in the greater Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. The truth is we are an upstanding organization with an unblemished record as community members.

It is not OK to brand our lovely, helpful and good-willed organization as evil.

Lawrence Butler



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