Aspiring T.J. Burkes need to slow down

Three years ago i got hit while skiing Aspen Mountain. I was hit by a reckless skier straight lining down Little Nell. Nailed me square in my back. Total yard sale. I sustained whiplash. He was pretty hurt, but no need for the hospital.

A week and a half ago my girlfriend was traversing from Little Nell to 1A when a reckless skier tried to pass her on the right while she was setting up to turn right down Slalom Hill. You can only turn right off that cat walk. She was blown out of both skis and tumbled down the hill.

End result was a badly broken nose, big cut on her face and a badly bruised leg. In both accidents those two skiers got off scot-free. Actually both those reckless skiers tried to blame us until the ski patrol set them straight.

This reckless skiing has got to stop. Downhill skiers always have right of way. Slow down, call out your intentions to pass and pass only when you realize the skier in front has heard you.

I love skiing fast as do so many skiers; but if this behavior keeps up, we may see those awful lobster traps again and speed cops. Years back I got caught ducking a rope at Snowmass to get about 10 powder turns. Got caught and lost my pass for a week.

Today you can cause harm to another skier and ski away free. The ski industry needs to put some bite into bad behavior. Losing your pass or day ticket comes to mind. I find myself looking more uphill than down when i ski now. Kinda takes the fun out of skiing.

Ian long