Aspen’s working class pushed to the brink

Aspen’s bubble has burst! No affordable housing, leading to a shortage of workers in all aspects. Aspen Skiing Co.’s solution … here’s a couple more dollars an hour, oh, and after you’re done renting out skis and checking lift tickets go up and bus some tables at the restaurant! Also, you have to commute to and from Glenwood Springs every morning and evening! Oh, and to any random homeowners, can my employees crash on your couch for the season for a ski pass or some lift tickets! Hahaha! What a joke!

This is their solution! Are they actually serious with this?! Wait till 2,000-plus long-term residents get kicked out of Centennial! What are they gonna do then when these people who help turn the wheels of the Aspen service industry all of the sudden have nowhere to go?

This winter will be interesting. When is the Aspen City Council gonna pull their heads out of their asses and come up with a practical solution? Town had the chance to purchase Centennial but nooooo, why would they do that when there’s money to be made!

The majority of the people who are making all the decisions rarely go out and mingle with the regular town folk. They just sit and think that they know what’s good for everyone. Pretty soon the super-wealthy are gonna have to wipe their own asses because nobody will be around to do it for them because they can’t afford to live here and it’ll be the town’s own fault! Get with the program, people! Affordable housing and child care should be two of the top priorities!

Justin Gordon

Snowmass Village