Aspen’s traffic woes fixed |

Aspen’s traffic woes fixed

HOV lanes have worked will in many locations in the USA. When combined with the use of an “easy-pass” device, the town can charge for cars entering town but can change the rates to be higher during rush hour. Just a thought. Easy and rather than costing money would raise money for the city. Traffic flow also is automatically recorded for the town.

Another thought is to use manpower to help reduce the traffic issue around rush hour rather than considering new construction. Use volunteers to keep traffic moving. Turn off the traffic lights. Easy and low cost and flexible.

Finally the state, county and city need to rethink the exclusive use of HOV lanes for buses. That made sense 10 years ago but no longer. Bus travel is about not bringing your own car. Bus travel is cheaper than driving a car to and from work. Bus travel was never intended to get from Glenwood Springs to Aspen faster than a car, right?

Get rid of the double traffic signals at Buttermilk and Burlingame. Make it one intersection with coordinated traffic signals. Is that so difficult?

And take the signal at Aspen Village/Sinclair gas station and make it a three-minute delay for oncoming traffic.

Alex Sarratt


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