Aspen’s golden boy |

Aspen’s golden boy

I have heard Skippy Mesirow described as outgoing, talented, intelligent, reliable, etc., and while I agree with all these descriptions, I am lucky enough to call him my big brother and best friend. In the past 20 years, there is no one I have ever looked up to like I do Skippy. I admire him so dearly not only because he is my brother but because there is no better role model anyone could have.

Skippy has always made sure to lead by the best example he could set for a little sister 10 years younger. One of the most important things that he taught me, however, was to put 110 percent into everything as he does, whether it is work, philanthropy, helping out other Aspen residents, or his relationships. I know that just as he has always put 110 percent into everything I have ever seen him do in 20 years, he would put 110 percent into being your councilman.

The second Skippy could, he moved to Aspen and has made it his home for the past 12 years, because even as a world traveler, there is no where in the world he loves more. His blatant love of Aspen coupled with his dedication and genuine care for the city and its residents is what I believe would make him the best candidate for City Council. If you want progress that reflects the voice of the community, then vote for Skippy. There is not anyone more involved in the community and in so many different facets. From the Aspen Science Center to the Aspen Cares Fashion Show to Aspen Entrepreneurs and numerous more accolades, Skippy not only does it all but does it with a kind of perfection that only he himself could master. Just as everything King Midas touched turned to gold, everything Skippy touches turns to gold as he leaves it improved and with his own personal, very unique, touch. I am proud to say that not only as a sister but as an Aspen local, there is no one I’d rather have as my councilman.

Linzy Raquel Upton-Spatz

Snowmass Village