Aspen’s forced Fourth was a dud |

Aspen’s forced Fourth was a dud

This is in response to Stephanie Soldner’s (member of the July 4 committee) letter to the editor blasting The Aspen Times, for a negative article on this year’s Fourth of July (“Times’ editorial misses the mark on Fourth of July events,” July 17).

At the end, she states, “We are listening, join Us!”

It is very clear you are not listening and most of us in the valley, the guests and vacationers don’t want to join you on this day!

Fourth of July is the one day of the year to celebrate our independence for all to see and for all to take part in, if they choose. It’s a day to celebrate traditions dating back to 1776. These traditions that continue throughout America and are the highlights of many small towns around the country consists of parades where people of all ages can join in!

This is a holiday that people look forward to every year; people pay a premium in rental prices to be here during that week and deserve better than what was provided this year!

For the most part, unless you had a private party to attend, the Fourth of July party the city threw was like a firecracker that never lit.

Stop trying to change everything! Stop trying to force people to think only your way!

Allow Aspen and those that choose to visit Aspen over this weekend to enjoy the few traditions left in Aspen! Bring back the fireworks, when weather permits, the F-16 jets, the parade with small balloons, (this and the Harleys was my dad’s favorite part!) bring back the loud Harleys, bring back the early morning canon, bring back the rolling floats!

This year politics was behind the decision to can tradition, for an opportunity to once again, push a political agenda. This is not a day people want to think about less carbon monoxide, with 100 jets parked on the tarmac!?

Fourth of July is a day to celebrate our country’s independence, a day each one of us can celebrate our own independence and freedom. I encourage Aspen to let the traditions that Aspen was built on continue. Allow the people, as individuals, to decide whether to take part in them, before taking them away.

Kristi Gilliam


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