Aspen’s failure to launch |

Aspen’s failure to launch

A week ago Sunday my family and I were stuck at Denver International Airport because of snow. We have lived in the valley for 18 years and know this can happen. However, the fact we could not rent a car one way home, nor get a bus at 5:30 p.m., causes me to write!

Transportation to a world-class destination is imperative. This Aspen problem continues to occur and I see no discussion about this. I have been in the destination management, customer service industries for over 50 years. Lack of reliable transportation in and out of Aspen needs to be addressed. (We were delayed outbound as well.)

I do not have answers as I do not have all the stakeholder information. Larger airplanes and a new airport will only magnify this basic problem.

After an overnight in Denver, we flew into Eagle. No problem. We will never fly ASE October through June. Eagle is the safe bet. Hey, how about an ASE-Eagle partnership?

Leary O’Gorman