Aspen’s elected hippies should focus on bridge |

Aspen’s elected hippies should focus on bridge

As I drove into Aspen early this Sunday morning, to catch up on work, with the full moon shining on my face and the sun hinting its way over Smuggler Mountain, I felt a sense of peace and joy that is virtually impossible during a workday.

I don’t mean to suggest that every workday should feel like a beautiful Sunday at 6 a.m., but I do mean to urge our leaders (ad nauseum, I admit) that we need to plan for, budget for, and build a second bridge over Castle Creek.

I argue that our priorities are upside down. Perhaps my perspective is skewed from my privileged family history, but I insist that discipline and common sense must guide our leadership.

The off-campus trip our leaders just took to focus in on our priorities, I would satirize as stay-away camp. Our leaders may as well chant “more free stuff, even more free stuff,” when they should be planning a second bridge over Castle Creek.

In a way I’m lucky. My umpty-something great-grandfather was the captain in the British Navy who accepted Napoleon’s sword after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. My next umpty-something great grandfather served Queen Victoria as her secretary of navy. My grandfather and my father escaped death multiple times in WWI and WWII. Our leaders need discipline and directive. Instead they act like hippy potheads.

Please plan a second bridge over Castle Creek, now.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village