Aspen’s bridge project not like Glenwood’s |

Aspen’s bridge project not like Glenwood’s

The Gallagher Amendment and TABOR: professional politicians hate them! Why do we have these amendments? Spending and taxes were getting out of control. People were being threaten to lose their homes. Politicians were squandering our money. We have a case in point right here in River City. The city is spending over $4 million on a bridge that is over 100 years old. The state has classified that bridge as needing to be replaced. The city has not responded to how making the traffic lanes more narrow will improve safety. The state just built a new bridge in Glenwood Springs with wider lanes. The rebuilt intersection on Mill Street has wider lanes. The new bridge over Maroon Creek has wider lanes. Surely there must be more pressing issues to spend our money. The city has more money than it knows how to spend wisely.

Edward Sanditen