Aspen vulnerable to climate change |

Aspen vulnerable to climate change

Imagine an Aspen without snow. The trees that gave this town its name are going to be reduced to ash because of forest fires. This will be our future if we are not careful. Members of Aspen Country Day School’s class of 2020 were part of a march in Aspen to raise awareness for global warming on Friday. Global warming is a severe threat and according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, “Climate warming can reduce snowfall, cause earlier spring melts and shorter snow cover seasons.”

Aspen is a green city, but that does not protect us from threats like snow loss that could seriously harm Aspen’s economy. When snow levels are inadequate, not only is the skiing less enjoyable for everyone but the chance of forest fires, such as the recent Lake Christine fire, are at a much higher risk of occurring. Snow fills the rivers, supplies the lakes, and if this is lost, droughts and a crumbling economy will ensue. Not only that, but our native animal populations may diminish because of unstable water sources, loss of habitat, and changes in climate.

The Lake Christine fire burnt down three houses and 12,000 acres of forest. The smoke-filled skies were aftermath of a low snow season. If you care about your planet, visit

Angel Zimmerman, Ben Clark, Cassia Bone, Ethan Bloom, Lucy Ingram

Eighth grade, Aspen Country Day