Aspen Times strikes out with Will

Words can hardly express what I felt when I turned to Sunday’s opinion page, to find that the gaping hole created by Glenn Beaton’s removal had been plugged with a column by (drum roll, please) the Washington Beltway’s very own George Will, opining on such a riveting, hot button local issue as Catalan independence! At long last! I mean, Aspen is definitely all about Catalonia. Go, Catalans! (Or not — Will mostly sneered at their efforts, with the same cosmopolitan, globalist raised eyebrows that he directs at Brexit and America First.)

Not to be outdone by “the other paper,” which periodically dishes up disdainful tripe by Kathleen Parker, you have landed on a “conservative” voice that is equally uninspiring, if not galling, to both Donald Trump supporters and progressive Democrats. Nobody likes him, except, perhaps, Aspen Institute types eager to “balance out” their next one-sided, stultifyingly dull panel discussion on the future of decency and truth.

So congratulations. The only things Will and Beaton have in common is a love of baseball and a respect for the English language. You’ve given us that much continuity at least, but it’s not enough.

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village