Aspen Times’ silence speaks volumes

How is it possible that there have been no letters to the editor published about the firing of The Aspen Times editor due to running columns about the defamation lawsuit by a Soviet-born billionaire? (For you visitors who don’t already know, it appears as though this paper fired its incoming editor because he had the courage to run an editorial opining on the sale of a development property at the base of Aspen Mountain to a Soviet-born billionaire for $76 million, because said billionaire sued the AT for defamation). Shame on you, Aspen Times. This is censorship at its worst. It’s gutless. I for one am utterly disappointed. A free press is a core value of American democracy.

I wonder, is the lack of LTE’s also due to you pulling them? Show some spine. Run this one. Let your readers decide if you have a moral compass. I call on your readers to consider an indefinite boycott until you are willing to act responsibly in reporting a vital local story. I’ll be reading the Daily News until we see a well reasoned mea culpa from you. That would restore your credibility, which — newsflash — you have lost. We deserve that, as does Mr. Travers.

Paul Noto