Aspen Times editorial board should look at facts |

Aspen Times editorial board should look at facts

It was unfortunate to see the editorial board of The Aspen Times suggesting that the city of Aspen effectively cave to a citizen lawsuit and jump into bed with a developer.

This would be an good opportunity for The Aspen Times to do some diligent reporting on the facts on how much the lawsuit is costing us and who’s behind it.

Not only is the Hopkins building overpriced and inadequate, we, the citizens of Aspen, deserve better. There are single-family homes listed for sale in the paper that are more expensive than the city’s proposed stand alone new city hall building on Rio Grande Place.

I strongly urge the voters of Aspen to voice their support of a new City Hall — our City Hall — on the North side of Main Street and let the developers wage their egotistical war of overpriced real estate in the downtown core where it belongs. Then the current City hall can finally be repurposed into something beneficial to our community.

Enough with constantly suing the city already. These are the people we elected. Let them lead. The three citizens suing the city are costing us a ton of money in their grossly misguided effort, and definitely don’t speak for me.

Lo Semple