Aspen Times columnist should think outside Pandora’s box |

Aspen Times columnist should think outside Pandora’s box

Pandora’s will be a gift, Roger (regarding “The emperor’s new Aspen ski terrain has no pitch,” commentary, Roger Marolt, Sept. 5,

Pandora’s won’t be the gift you write about in that fairy-tale Greek mythology you studied before blathering about the proposed expansion in your last effort. You can stare over at the Highland Bowl all you want, and you can compare blacks and blues with the glorious Buttermilk as well.

All of our mountains are quite different in many ways, and it’s the services we provide to our guests that stand out industry wide that play a role in bringing people back season after season. It is past time to provide some new experiences to our guests and perhaps show them that there is more to the Mothership than meets the eye.

Maybe consider some of the other relevant gems that come with Pandora’s package other than your personal opinion about how steep it is or how the terrain will be designated. Maybe it is time for you to start thinking outside of the box. Bring a set of those fatter skis that you ride at night over to Buttermilk Mountain. I have a line for you to ski over there that provides 1,700 or so feet of continual fall line that some would consider double black, but I am sure you, on those fatties, would give it a yellowish hue. Not only that, but you can see the open space from there!

I will be waiting for you at the top of Buttermilk’s main lift smelling the roses that apparently flutter from those colored pencil sets that you write with. Perhaps you can liven up the conversation by showing some support. Just a suggestion, although you do look marvelous in black and blue!

Mark Campion

Basalt and Evergreen