Aspen Times column pushes boundaries about adoption |

Aspen Times column pushes boundaries about adoption

Glenn K. Beaton asks “What about the adoption option?” for expectant moms (Commentary, June 2, The Aspen Times). The reason he believes adoption is not promoted enough is because of the abortion rate. So, he pits these two options — which have very little to do with one another — against one another while totally ignoring the most logical, loving, brave and natural option: Raising and nurturing one’s child.

You say: “Let’s stop weaponizing babies, criminalizing doctors, endangering women, demonizing men and bashing the other side,” yet you recommend drug testing expectant mothers. How about not judging?

You recommend prospective adopters to pay expectant mothers. Why not just suggest human trafficking? Selling babies? What you are suggesting is actually done and it is very exploitative and coercive.

Mirah Riben

Monroe, New Jersey