Aspen the ski town could use some bike service |

Aspen the ski town could use some bike service

I’d like to send virtual roses to Mike Kaplan and the rest of the Aspen Skiing Co. executives, who so kindly have not only been allowing us to hike or skin up and ski down their wonderful mountains, but have also been grooming a few runs to make the experience a little easier and safer. Thank you for being so thoughtful and generous!

I send more roses to the parks department/golf courses and Ashcroft Ski Touring, where we have been able to cross-country ski. Thank you for grooming your trails as well.

Thank you all so much for giving us a way to exercise our bodies and give our spirits a boost during these very difficult times. Being outside enjoying our beautiful valley is so important for our mental health, as well as our physical well-being. And people are being very conscientious and respectful with regards to social distancing and staying safe.

On the flip-side, I want to send thorns to the county commissioners, attorneys and anyone else who contributed to the short-sighted decision to shut down the local bike shops, even though the state considers them “essential services.” How can you consider alcohol and cannabis more “essential” than being able to ride a safe and well-maintained bicycle? Not only is biking another way to be outside getting exercise, and it’s very easy to be socially distanced while riding, it’s also a means of transportation for many, especially with RFTA cutting way back on their bus schedules. Before they were shut down, Ute City Cycles and other bike shops were conducting business in a much safer way than some other stores in town, and it just doesn’t seem right to take that away from them and all their customers.

Please let’s do everything we can to get through this together, and keeping spirits high is a very important part of the process.

Thank you.

Polly Ross


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