Aspen students need more life experience |

Aspen students need more life experience

I just got around to reading the Aspen Country Day eighth graders’ letter to the editor in the Sept. 21 Aspen Times.

Since I have lived here since 1963, I have seen many very abundant moisture years and many very dry years. Their spouting garbage about the Lake Christine Fire and how dry it was last year is indicative of their very limited years in life and their very limited knowledge on climate change. The Lake Christine Fire was the result of two very stupid idiots, not the usual dryness for that area.

Perhaps it would behoove them to study more science and stop blowing all that hot air about something they have no knowledge of. And get their butts back in school. They should write a letter to the United States Forest Service that continues their pyromania by setting “controlled” burns that do more to harm to the climate than the good they do for the forest.

Jim Wingers