Aspen student: background checks key to gun control |

Aspen student: background checks key to gun control

Imagine if your local school was just shot up and more than half were dead. It would be terrifying, and this little town would be scared for a very, very long time. A lot of people who were getting guns were getting them from gun shows. And a lot of people were getting them very easily because they would not run any background checks to see if they have had a criminal record or a mental health issue.

“People with mental health issues who are considered a threat to themselves or others can have their guns taken up to six months,” the Red Flag Bill states.

House Resolution 8 now requires that they have to run a check before someone can purchase a gun at a gun show. This law is a federal law. This law was just passed within this month. This law will hopefully reduce school shootings during this year. Seventeen people were killed in the Parkland shooting, and nothing happened but this since the mass shooting. This person could have been stopped if there was a background check in play. This law will reduce “scary” people to have access to firearms. The legislation mandates background checks to occur on all gun sales, including firearm purchases made privately, whether it be online or at gun shows. Under the law, only licensed gun dealers are required to conduct a background check for someone seeking to get a gun.

Beckham Nettleton

Aspen Middle School