Aspen Skiing Co. will bring down Gwyn’s |

Aspen Skiing Co. will bring down Gwyn’s

My wife and I have been making the journey from Australia to ski in Aspen to ski for 37 years, which is only a couple of years less than Gwyn and George have been operating Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant at Snowmass.

We are here for our usual month and were shocked to learn that Aspen Skiing Co. is to take the restaurant over after the 2020-21 season.

We know every on-mountain restaurant on the four mountains, and Gwyn’s is the head-and-shoulders standout. It is this way because Gwyn and George treat every customer as a valued guest to be made welcome.

Only a few days ago I arrived at Gwyn’s with some damage to my face following a close encounter with a tree in one of the glades — I actually think I may have violated the Colorado Tree Preservation Ordinance. George quickly spotted me and gave me a hydrogen peroxide clean up. This is an example of the type of kindnesses we have come to expect of them.

There is not the slightest chance that Skico will be able to replicate this level of commitment and care.

So beware Skico, whilst subsuming all on-mountain facilities into the corporate maw might look sensible from your perspective, this one looks awful to the thousands of Gwyn’s apostles who will not thank you.

Let us hope that someone starts a petition.

Alan Phillips