Aspen Skiing Co. shuns locals |

Aspen Skiing Co. shuns locals

Aspen Skiing Co. finds another way to screw the locals. I have a Classic Pass and had days left on it, but when Skico opened the mountain for Memorial Day weekend they made me pay again.

They said the Classic Pass expires at the end of winter season but couldn’t produce any documents to show that. The terms and conditions on the pass or the Aspen Snowmass app don’t say anything about that. And the kid at the ticket counter was so smug and belligerent. My guess is because there were others in my shoes.

It’s astonishing to me that Skico needs money so badly that they screw the local. It’s not like I was asking for anything free. I paid for seven days and only rode six. It’s only the locals who get the Classic Pass, so by not allowing people to use days on the pass, they are only hurting the locals. They reopened unexpectedly. Why not let locals use any unused days this extra weekend?

Badly done, Skico. I’m a business owner and would never treat my local customers so poorly.

Renee S. Grossman