Aspen Skiing Co.’s hypocrisy knows no bounds

The Aspen Skiing Co. Protect Our Winters initiative has always rang hollow to me, as a large percentage of the Skico’s business arrives in Aspen via cars and commercial and private aircraft that happen to burn fossil fuels to get here. Imagine my dismay over this past weekend when the Snowmass ski area hosted a couple of dozen snow bike-cross racers in a qualifier for the X Games (a whole other carbon bonanza worthy of another column).

The snow bikes racing around the slopes of Snowmass didn’t have sails on them. They too are powered by gasoline. I can only assume Auden Schendler was pumping the fuel to fill the snow bike gas tanks. Like most neo-liberal climate warriors (see Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio, et al) it’s do as I say. Not as I do.

Russ Andrews