Aspen Skiing Co. rises to the occasion |

Aspen Skiing Co. rises to the occasion

I am new to Aspen since October. I chose to apply with Aspen Skiing Co. not only for my enjoyment of the ski industry but for my belief that the leadership seeks to conduct business in the best interest of people. I am not disappointed. Mr. and Mrs. Crown, Mr. Kaplan and other ASC leaders chose to give two weeks of pay and cover ASC housing rent for the month of April to employees. These costs come directly out of the profits that would otherwise go to Mr. and Mrs. Crown.

In addition, the decision to close offices and encourage remote work will help employees from coming in contact while this virus spreads. My family, back in L.A., is astonished that I picked such a generous and kind company of people to work with at Skico. Thank you, Jim and Paula Crown, Mike Kaplan, and a shout-out to the lovely people I work with in HR. Also, I would like to publicly say thank you to the persons working at City Market and Clark’s Market in Aspen. You are ensuring that we can access necessities at this time and I appreciate you.

Joseph Massimini