Aspen Skiing Co. doing its part to address climate change

I’m afraid Paul Andersen’s recent column (“POW not enough to save Aspen winters,” Jan. 6, fundamentally misses the point on climate action.

He concludes that “Aspen is like an obese person sipping SlimFast while noshing a cheeseburger.” Actually, Aspen Skiing Co.— the real target of Paul’s piece — is more like an obese person lobbying for a tax on cheeseburgers. Big difference.

Look, we’re all to blame for climate change. No purpose is served by pointing fingers and calling each other hypocrites. That way lies smugness and inaction.

Yes, air travel and the X Games are part of Skico’s (and Aspen’s) business model, and they produce unacceptable emissions. The most efficient solution is to put a price on those emissions via congressional legislation. (Google the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763, which has been introduced in the House.) This approach corrects a flaw in the economic system, rather than relying on individuals to act against their economic interests.

I applaud Skico for funding systemic action to address climate change, despite the risk to its business model. It’s probably the most strategic thing it can do to save both the climate and its business. May we all be that strategic.

Dave Reed