Aspen ski mountains aren’t above the others |

Aspen ski mountains aren’t above the others

We all like to ski but … I’m no scientist but I ‘m pretty certain that the governor’s recent shutdown of all Colorado ski resorts was aimed at keeping populations from different cities, counties, states (and in the case of Aspen, countries) from comingling throughout the state.

Also, it immediately reduced the number of people congregating in one place and as we have seen in the past few days, all but cleared town out. Isn’t that the point for reduction of the spread of COVID-19?!

Somehow Mike Kaplan and/or Aspen Skiing Co. is missing that point. The other dy I received a letter from EPIC PASS/Vail Associates announcing the formal closure of all of their resorts at about the same time that I saw articles in our local papers about the fact that three of our four mountains are on standby for additional skiing this season. Let’s invite more people to return to our valley from other destinations to increase the population again after a 1 week hiatus! Sounds like a brilliant idea.

I know Aspen likes to stand out, but this is not the situation to do this.

Melinda Goldrich