Aspen Science Center is having a ball |

Aspen Science Center is having a ball

You are cordially invited to not attend the first annual Quantum Ball in support of Aspen Science Center! This will be the best fundraising event you’ve never attended!

Thanks to “spooky action at a distance,” you will be able to attend this landmark event through quantum entanglement!

Or will you? Just like Schrödinger’s Cat, we won’t actually know if you are in attendance unless we look. However, the mere act of looking will cause the waveform to collapse, only allowing us to observe that you are either in a state of attendance, or nonattendance!

Confused? Don’t be! As Richard Feynman said, “I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics.” And he earned a Nobel Prize in this very subject!

But one thing that we can all understand is the need for Aspen Science Center to raise money in support of our mission. This is the goal of the Quantum Ball — to raise $25,000 to help support all of Aspen Science Center’s programming across the Roaring Fork Valley, from Aspen to Rifle, in 2018.

What is the mission of Aspen Science Center, you ask? To advance the public understanding of science through lifelong discovery, exploration and education. In other words, we teach people about science. We believe that more people need to understand how science works and how critical it is to understanding and improving our world.

Spoiler alert! In actuality, there isn’t any event to attend. The Quantum Ball is simply a playful (and hassle-free) way for you to join Aspen Science Center in connecting everyone with science. So, please stand up for science by buying a “ticket” to the Quantum Ball today.

Learn more at AspenScienceCenter/quantumball.

David Houggy

President, Aspen Science Center