Aspen schools are great; keep the current board members |

Aspen schools are great; keep the current board members

I would like to point out the positive aspects and characteristics of Aspen School District. It is frustrating to see the multitude of letters printed that dwell on the inaccurate analysis of substandard data, trying to further the agenda of two members of the community who are running for the school board.

What is sad is how these candidates and letters portray our schools and current school board. I am writing to let those who wouldn’t know otherwise that in reality, our schools are doing quite well. We are so lucky to have the most amazing administrators and teachers who are running phenomenal programs and curriculum.

The test scores considered most important to our district show that we are scoring well above state averages, and right in line or better than comparative high achieving schools in our State. Those of us with students in the high school right now will tell you that our kids are happier in school and more motivated than they have ever been. While all test scores and quantitative information is valuable, one has to look at the data carefully to get the most helpful and accurate information.

I would never want our schools to have to focus on test scores or random rankings as their main priority; this would not mesh with the culture of our school, our town or our kids. Much more important is the amazing connection our students have with their teachers; the critical thinking, the real world experiences and love of learning they are taught, as well as the ability to embrace challenges and the resilience and grit that our schools instill in them. Talk to a high school student from our school; they are amazing kids and a product of a school system the Community should be proud of.

Our current school board is a cohesive group of very smart and caring parents who have been impressively navigating education in our district and are constantly on the path to making things better. I will be voting for them — Romero/Marolt/Johannsson.

Kim Popish

AHS graduate and parent

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