Aspen part of elite power structure |

Aspen part of elite power structure

CIRSA: Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency. Created by self-described egalitarian lawyers, is a litigation insurance agency service primarily for minimizing Colorado’s official’s quasi-judicial hearing liabilities. What can be wrong with this?

Sounds good until you read the handbook. Then you realize that mixed in with the common-sense do’s and don’ts are interjected strategic cautionaries and labels, which subtly minimize elected commissioners’ management capabilities. CIRSA pushes for a unified board with derogatory overtones for not being a team player or being an outlier. This stymies independent opinion. It also diminishes a board’s capacity for critical scrutiny and marginalizes the public forum by censoring elected officials’ interactive dialogue. Newbies to a board are recommended to have an indoctrination mentor. Basically this handbook is an authoritative primer for creating a collective narcissistic government, which Aspen inarguably has.

The handbook’s philosophical slant actually aids and abets the presiding poohbah acting attorney, manager and staff to gaslight and snow-job deferential commissioners. This authoritative handbook essentially tethers commissioners with nose rings for staff guidance.

CIRSA has for decades enabled home rule cities and counties to commit over-the-top legislation and malfeasance for power and profit while skirting accountability to the Golden Rule. This is done by effectively shielding local governments from potential negative judicial judgments, which would serve the public good by punishing the root causes of municipal and county corruption, namely: narcissism and over-reach of discretionary authority.

The man on the street will be fighting an uphill battle when challenging the incestuous CIRSA network of do-no-wrong cronies, who are networked between Colorado’s municipalities, counties and state courts. It should be no surprise that Aspen’s city manager, Sarah Ott, is one of the six CIRSA Directors.

Empirical evidence, not doublespeak, points to Aspen government’s duplicitous rulings, which have allowed the elimination of most low profit, small businesses that define a functioning town. The commissioners’ legislation aggregate have allowed the resident oligopolies, which includes the city of Aspen, to continue transforming Aspen into a profit maximizing, materialistic theme park for the ultra rich of The Aspen Institute.

Scott and Caroline McDonald