Aspen nonprofits using 2A as money grab |

Aspen nonprofits using 2A as money grab

The letters continue to roll in from organizations seeking to shake loose more funds from the Wheeler real estate transfer tax via ballot question 2A.

They adhere to the talking points without disclosing that there is more involved than the arts for art’s sake. It is money, and having received funds in the past, they now want access to a lot more. Their self interest and absence of transparency should not be ignored so here is a sampling of funding to the letter writers for the past three years based on data from the city.

• Aspen Music Festival — $255,000

• Theatre Aspen — $138,000

• Jazz Aspen — $95,000

As previously stated, a larger portion of the Wheeler RETT should be repurposed. But the precursor is a plan, a new cap and/or formula for allocation based on long-term needs of the Wheeler. All of that is missing. Recall, this initiative started with a proposed 50-50 split and $12 million for a new performing arts center. Presented to the voters now is actually worse: Question 2A is simply an undefined, unlimited, money grab by a segment of the community that already receives substantial support from the Wheeler piggy bank.

Neil Siegel


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