Aspen newcomers disregard public health, so mask up

I think Rachel and Ward (Richards and Hauenstein, respectively, of Aspen City Council) are absolutely right! We absolutely must have a mask mandate.

We, the local community, deserve to be protected from the tourists who have no vested interest in our community. We also deserve the same protection from the latest people who have moved here, who are still not part of our local community.

Aspen used to stand up for its own; we were a tight knit community who cared about the safety and well being of the working, local people. Unfortunately, I no longer believe that the people occupying the majority of housing care about the real people who support Aspen. Money has become the golden idol of this town. They, including the younger ones who have moved here, seem to be willing to sacrifice anything, including safety, consideration, humanity and quality, for the almighty dollar.

Yes, we have to survive the pandemic; however, we must have a life to come back to. I also completely support vaccination for all caregivers and hospital workers, at every level.

Jan Louthis