Aspen needs to take mask-wearing seriously

It is a privilege to live in Aspen, and if Aspen wants to remain open and safe from COVID-19, it would behoove City Council and the police to enforce the “mandatory” mask-wearing regulation.

We are in a unique and difficult situation being a tourist industry town, but when you don’t enforce rules, you give people permission to break them.

Why did Aspen invest so much into canvasing the town with signage promoting the mask rule when there are no officials strolling the streets to enforce the rule? There are way too many out-of-towners coming and going for us to not take the regulation seriously.

Plus, couldn’t the city stand to benefit from the funds raised from fining those unwilling to follow the rule? By not enforcing the mask rule, we risk regression of a lock down and hampering of an otherwise healthy and active ski season.

One way The Aspen Times can support the Colorado state law is by not running photos of non-mask wearing individuals. I was disappointed to see, on the cover page of all places, a crew of workers from Snowmass Lift Maintenance not wearing masks — see front page, Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Was this a grave oversight? Please apologize. Printing images like this gives people license not to wear masks, whether we’re aware of it or not.

It’s time to come together under the shared goal of keeping Aspen open and safe and healthy for all.

Lilly Bright