Aspen needs rule for full-time masks |

Aspen needs rule for full-time masks

Up until recently, we as a community of permanent residences have been diligent with wearing masks, social distancing and reducing the number of COVID-19 infections to an extremely low count and unfortunately two deaths.

With the recent influx of tourists from all over the country into the valley, we have observed many groups of people around town gathering in crowds, on trails, everywhere, not wearing masks, not paying attention to physical distancing. Infections are rising again.

A lot of these people think they are not vulnerable and think that their getting infected has nothing to do with other people when in fact it does. If a person does get infected, they may not be systematic, but they can pass it to someone else, who could then pass it on to someone else, who makes someone’s grandmother or grandfather or someone who is autoimmune compromised get sick and die.

This behavior is absolutely disrespectful, irresponsible, reckless and selfish to other people and our community as a whole. We ask City Council to adopt a policy to require that masks be worn at all times within the city limits until further notice.

Skip Behrhorst and Donna Fisher