Aspen needs a shakeup

Many of the letter writers name and blame restaurant and business owners, and even developers, for the construction mess in town, the lack of housing, and everything else. You might want to look deep into city government and ask how long it takes for a remodel permit to get your store or restaurant open.

How about what the city charges for this? Usually more than your house costs. Start asking the real questions. You might find that your permit is delayed because the staff “checking the plans” think they cannot afford to go to your new store, restaurant or bar … so why approve it?

We need a shakeup at the city, folks. You are blaming the risk takers and hardworking locals who put up their efforts, sweat and tears (and money) to bring a new concept to Aspen. Instead, look at the people at City Hall who should be working toward efficiency to move things along — not pile it up.

Lorrie Winnerman