Aspen mayor owes an apology |

Aspen mayor owes an apology

I hope Curtis Wackerle wasn’t reporting accurately on Mayor Steve Skadron’s comments at the recent City Council work session on the Create Aspen mentorship program (“Mayor’s message to entrepreneurs is Aspen first,” Aspen Daily News, Feb. 4). I hope Wackerle was dozing, having a nightmare about some imaginary, nasty Mayor Skadron; our real mayor couldn’t really have treated Julie Thorne Engels the way Curtis reported she was treated.

Mayor Skadron admittedly has been in Aspen a lot longer than Engels. That doesn’t seem to have endowed him with superior intellect, judgment or grace (obviously). He’s entitled to claim his “understanding of this community” is superior to that of others. Claiming it doesn’t make it so. Is it part of the mayor’s “understanding of this community” that hardworking people like Engels, who are doing their best to advance a city-sponsored project, should be denigrated in a public meeting by a public official occupying a bully pulpit? If this is the treatment to be expected from the mayor, who’s going to volunteer to be subjected to such treatment? Who’s going to step up and do the hard work needed to keep our community strong?

Mayor Skadron owes Ms. Engels an apology.

Maurice Emmer