Aspen mayor: make your voice heard in March election |

Aspen mayor: make your voice heard in March election

This March 2, less than a month away, is a city of Aspen election. Ballots will be arriving by mail any day, and early voting will start soon. If you live in the city of Aspen, you can register and vote in this election for your mayor and city council. Registering is very easy; go to and register today. Voting is also very easy, safe and secure. I hope you will participate and vote in this year’s election; your vote matters.

This election is fast approaching, and it is important to learn about the candidates, opinions on issues, who they are supported by, and how they will represent you. The local papers will provide questions and answers for candidates, and a single Squirm Night debate is being scheduled for later this month. Go to candidate websites, and contact them directly if you have questions for them.

I am running for reelection as your mayor, and I ask for your support and vote to continue working for you. I invite you to visit my website at for issue stances and contact information. My priorities are for a healthy and sustainable Aspen, supporting community, environment and climate stewardship, improved government processes, affordable housing long range planning, and local owned and serving business opportunities. Please contact me, I am available to talk about the election, issues and any items of concern to you. Thank you for voting in this upcoming election.


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