Aspen leaders disappoint |

Aspen leaders disappoint

I have attended several meetings during the “emergency” moratorium. This city listens to everyone, and every single time votes 5-0 against any rational input. 

The most recent example is the open meeting regarding the loss of 40 or so parking spaces in town with another bike lane down the middle of the street and merchants showing up with over 1,000 signatures of complaint.  Yes, they listened and did nothing.

We have numerous unfinished commercial buildings in town and we hear the staff telling the owners they do not have to review the permits because they cannot afford to eat or shop there. Do you know there are laws in other parts of America that if the city cannot properly review any permit in X number of months, then go ahead and remodel or build.

Councilwoman Rachel Richards was quoted telling some of our favorite locally owned restaurants that if they wanted to keep any outside spaces they built during COVID, she would impose employee mitigation fees, even though nothing changed with employees up or down.

You wonder why everything is so expensive here — because the additional regulations imposed by this group at the city causes increased prices to the business owners, the workers and the consumers.

Basically, write and call your complaints to our “leaders” in the city of Aspen. They are responsible for the mess and rising prices. They are causing the locals to leave because with each new government restriction, everything costs more.  

So, of course, the only people who can afford to be here are the wealthy. They do not represent the business owners. They do not represent the workers. They do not represent the locals.

It is time to ask: Who do they represent?

Lorrie Winnerman


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