Aspen jet set needs its wings clipped |

Aspen jet set needs its wings clipped

When one of my longtime friends who is on the airport update committee asked me what I thought should be done, I quickly replied, “Shorten the run-way!”

When I moved here Aspen was hard to get to. That was part of its charm. You had to want to get here. Interstate 70 had not yet been completed and you had to drive over two passes to get here. We have made it too easy.

The Supreme Court probably won’t agree with me, but I think any community should be able to decide for itself how accessible it wants to be. I’d like to limit executive jets to dropping passengers off and then flying elsewhere to park. Instead, we subsidize the rich. Executives park their families here to take advantage of the good school system and then commute to Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Another big plus of limiting executive jets would be that it would begin to depress Aspen real estate prices! Let the 1% end by complaining that “Aspen used to be easy to get to!” Go to Mar-a-Lago.

Jim Breasted