Aspen is better than this

I do not know anyone who supports the BendonAdams code change other than those making money off it or Aspen Skiing Co. (which has enough money to buy a huge piece of land and house their own seasonal employees) and of course the developer who needs to fulfill a quota and will make millions off the deal!

Many of us including long-term renters (myself), owners, employees and let’s not forget — our valued vacationers — do care about Aspen’s charm which has made it so special all these years! I appreciate City Council and Historic Preservation Commission for preserving the town over the years, but in recent years, we have all seen the changes that have impacted Aspen’s appeal. New structures have been built lot line to lot line taking up any and all green space and most having no resemblance to the past at all!

All of us should expect the city and HPC to protect the old Victorians, many of which are restored and beautifully have maintained their charm! We should also expect the employee housing to be better managed and maintained. Employee housing should be required to abide by the same HOA rules the other complexes in the free market must follow. Many of the employee-housing projects lack the storage people coming to Aspen today need and the exterior patios of many have turned into open storage areas for everything.

I strongly oppose what is being considered for 1020 E. Cooper Ave. The lot is way too small and once again has no adequate parking or storage. I also oppose the 24 other small properties in Aspen that are being considered for multi-housing apartments for full-time residents. None of these 4,350-square-foot properties have adequate parking or storage, either. This code amendment the developers are seeking will negatively change the face of Aspen and the lives of all people in Aspen regardless of their socioeconomic status.

This is about protesting for the environment, the heritage of Aspen and the foundation Aspen was built on. Our emphasis needs to be put on preservation, not continued growth and high density! How did we get so off track?

Lisa Churchwell