Aspen is a tinderbox |

Aspen is a tinderbox

There are wildfires all around Aspen: Lake Christine, Rifle, Buford area, Battlement Creek. Aspen is deceptively green and verdant but the reality is we are a tinderbox. The Highway 82 Entrance to Aspen have small, digital read-out signs, difficult to read depending on how sunlight is hitting them, stating stage 2 fire restrictions are in effect. Do you honestly think your average Aspen tourist has any idea or real care as to what that means? We should have huge fire warning banners at each obvious entry point into town and throughout. A spark, a careless cigarette butt, a lightning strike is all it’ll take to incinerate our beautiful hamlet. Authorities, please take note: your public fire notice system is too casual and discrete. Be bold and obvious. Take nothing for granted. No assumptions. Take all measures possible to avoid a tragedy.

Tim Estin