Aspen in a New York state of mindless development |

Aspen in a New York state of mindless development

The city of Aspen is presently considering increasing the density for small lots allowing multi-unit construction. This means looking outside your window at the strip of land which presently gives you a comfortable space from your neighbor, might soon have a four-story building sandwiched on it.


Why is the city considering this? It was put forth by Bendon Adams, which owns no property in Aspen. For all the developers out there, who will benefit from this change permitting them to erect buildings on postage-sized lots, the answer is easy: more money. More millions.

But when one asks that “why” of the citizens and those who visit Aspen, the effect needs some thought.

Do the people of Aspen want to preserve our city that is free and open to the air? Or are they interested in creating a city where people are pushed off sidewalks into streets like New York City (at least pre-pandemic) and traffic is backed up and parking is impossible to find.

As to Aspen, its sidewalks are not designed for masses of people. The streets are not designed for big city traffic and more cars will only exacerbate the parking issue.

And, of course, statistics throughout the country report: Increased density equals more crime.

Hopefully, the members of Aspen City Council will think about the impact of such a change in its ordinance and why people love to travel to Aspen. I do not believe it is because they want another New York City.

Bukk Carleton


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