Aspen Ideas won’t change Corporate America |

Aspen Ideas won’t change Corporate America

Another Aspen Ideas Fest has come and gone. Did anyone catch the Earth-shaking ideas that are even now rocketing around the planet? Are Trump tweets upstaged for even a moment? But has anyone checked the list of corporate sponsors for the latest iteration of world wisdom? It’s here: As they say, you get what you pay for.

“Corporatocracy” is the word to best describe the current form of government in the U.S. and the rest of the world. There is really nothing that some corporation does not control. The big ones gobble up the little ones; it is hard to keep up with the latest name. George Orwell was absolutely right. There are only of handful of companies that provide skiing any more. I suspect the actual profits are in the finances. Derivatives anyone? What happens as winters grow shorter?

Our own Sen. Michael Bennet just voted to approve a Rifle-born corporate lawyer for the deputy secretary spot at the Department of the Interior. The revolving door is in full effect as the energy industry puts their “Western” man back in the saddle. Federal lands will go on the block, and energy extraction will go on steroids. You may remember that nary a negative ad was seen during Bennet’s re-election campaign. Mark Udall had a little tougher time of it. You don’t pick your relatives, and you don’t pick your political candidates. Whose idea was Hillary Clinton, by the way?

Not likely that Aspen will be ground zero for the revolution against the corporate state, Aspen Ideas or not. I was at Occupy Aspen and got yelled at. Besides, they can’t afford to pass up the landing fees on the private jets.

Patrick Hunter


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