Aspen horsepower

Well, we were anticipating a positive reaction, but this kind of landslide in favor of having horses in town is terrific.

During the past week, since the March 28 Aspen Times article regarding having horses at our store on Galena Street, we’ve received hundreds of comments, with overwhelming support (“Giddy up: Horse parking in downtown Aspen galloping along”).

Some 98 percent have been in favor of welcoming our pardners — Hank, Nancy Boy, Bean, KoKo, Zip, Roy and Max — to add atmosphere, romance and swagger to the Aspen experience.

Yes, we have heard three or four negative comments, based upon the possibility that we are being unfair to the horses. To anyone who questions the horses being uncomfortable, we would like to extend a personal invitation for you to come visit us and the horses.

Thanks for your support.

Tom Yoder

Owner, Kemo Sabe