Aspen homeless having it both ways? |

Aspen homeless having it both ways?

The article “Buttermilk lot to serve as encampment for homeless” (April 10, Aspen Daily News) starts with “Pitkin County officials are looking to set up an encampment in the Buttermilk parking lot for local homeless people who need a private area in which to shelter in place for as long as public health stay-at-home orders are in effect.”

It later states: “The main difference between sleeping at the county building near the hospital or setting up camp at Buttermilk is that the parking lot will provide more private space and the ability for users to come and go as they please.”

How can one shelter in place, and also come and go as they please? If tax dollars are funding this encampment, I would assume the users should be held to the same standards/expectations as the taxpayers. Shelter in place only leaving for essential needs and returning to your shelter. But hell, what do I know?

John Norman