Aspen hockey parents, unruly kids belong in penalty box |

Aspen hockey parents, unruly kids belong in penalty box

To the hockey parents and team who had lunch at the Hickory House on Sunday:

My husband and I were enjoying our lunch when your very large group of adults and children invaded the dining room like a swarm of locusts. All of the parents sat at one large table and all of the children sat at two smaller tables, which were located apart from each other.

The children were out of control — self-centered, ill-mannered and noisy. They had poor table manners and were unable to sit down for any length of time, going back and forth between their two tables. The parents talked among themselves and did very little to attempt to manage their children’s behavior.

I suspect that the children’s behavior is typical for them and that they act the same way at home, at school and at other public places. Their behavior did not reflect well on the hockey program or on their parents.

Out of control behavior is not acceptable anywhere. Permitting it when children are young only encourages worse behavior as the children grow up.

Janet Roberts