Aspen hijacked by greed |

Aspen hijacked by greed

Thanks to Tony Vagneur for his column and thoughts in The Aspen Times (“Is there still hope in Aspen resisting the ‘easy money’?” April 27).

How true it is what is happening to the town. The town is up for profit and the people who are buying it don’t give a damn what happens in the future.

Every block in the city is under assault from the big-buck people, and like open space, once it’s gone it will never be seen again. Control of the town and what it means to the locals is gone, like many of us. We had the best of times, and it is sad to see what is happening. Soon the locals will have to carry a pass to be downtown.

Why do we need a bigger airport, hospital, city hall, schools, water, sewer and buildings, then to pick up the Times and find out that Paradise Bakery is going to be replaced by a high-end Italian clothing store that I will never be able to afford to go in (“‘Paradise Corner’ in Aspen to be lost in 2021,” May 2).

Mark Patterson is an outstanding person from the time that he opened up in the old Sinclair gas station in the 1970s. He hired lots of high school kids and was very good for the town. The big bucks win out again. What ever happened to messy vitality? To quote an old, renowned Aspenite: Be brave comrades. Also, great article by Meredith Carroll, as well (“Aspen parents behaving badly,” commentary, May 1, The Aspen Times).

Tom Marshall


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