Aspen gentrification raises demand for services |

Aspen gentrification raises demand for services

While I was reading another editorial by Elizabeth Milias, it sounded like she is only looking at one side of the coin: how building more affordable housing is not necessary and how it is corrupted and badly run. (“Subsidized Housing — 3,000 more units is 12 Centennials,” column, Feb. 13, The Aspen Times)

I suggest she spends the same amount of energy by researching how many percentage points did the demand increase for workers required for maintaining second homes since before and after the gentrification. So if she compares the growth of the population (which is 0%, according to her) and the demand for services, that would give her an answer on how many more employee/affordable units are needed. I’m sure it is not zero.

On another subject: Let’s all thank Aspen Skiing Co. for giving every employee across the board a $3 raise. Aspen is an amazing place to live and some of us are extra fortunate to work for Skico as well.

Ksenija Ilic