Aspen family wants hugs, not harassment |

Aspen family wants hugs, not harassment

I have loved Aspen since my late husband and I were there camping in the ‘60s. I teach Judaism in Christian churches. When God gave me a backbone, he made it of steel. My great grandfather chartered Baylor University under the nation of Texas, which at the time included Aspen.

What does Aspen represent now? Lee’s been on the Aspen Skiing Co. radar since he challenged them on their pay scale, not for himself because he was one of their top instructors. Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority is just part of the network they influence.

No consideration was given to what we were dealing with in a six-month time frame: death of my husband and Lee’s father, a flooded house that we came home to two days after leaving MD Anderson at Bud’s death, all possessions put in storage for six months, contractors to supervise, legal matters to respond to, two funeral services to plan, decisions on disbursement of farm equipment, a mission trip to Kenya to plan and pack for, a certificate to complete on our house — one that the city attorney (whom my late husband had tense words with inspections) vindictively requiring fixtures already approved to be ripped out endlessly.

In all this, the local judge refused a public hearing. We’re to be evicted and there is no consideration of the circumstances that have accompanied this time frame? What kind of pagan community is this? Is it North Korea? Is it China?

On reflecting on the latest outrage in Aspen over hugs, I reviewed my morning. At least five or more men hugged me before church started and I cannot imagine emailing them the kind of response your wife sent to Lee. In fact, we had a visiting pastor of a church of 4,000-plus and he encouraged us to show the love of Christ: Begin by hugging five people before you leave or your car won’t start!

Regarding Aspen Police Chief Richard Pryor’s comment that you made about Lee “hugging … hurting” your wife. Frankly, I was appalled at the insinuation of what evil you wanted to convey. May I say, there are “huggers” and there are stoics and Lee is a hugger. If we can’t hug in our churches, tell me where can we hug?

What kind of case are you brewing up to further harass us?

Sandy Mulcahy

Aspen and Arlington, Texas

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